Good question! A huge amount of energy has gone into ensuring that our products are only manufactured from FSC certified plantations. Below are some specifics out each type of timber we use:

  • Bamboo – Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world. Growing up to 90cm a day for some species. Bamboo plantations are great for obsorbing carbon dioxide out of the environment and are recognised as being one of the most sustainable timbers to farm. Our bamboo is sourced from sustainable farms in South East Asia which is stained and bleach into various colours.
  • Zebrawood – Native to West Africa is sustainably farmed around the world for its unique grain and texture resemblying a zebra pattern. The wood appears light brown and has darkish black streaks. Depending on how the timber is sawn the streaks can be wavey or chaotic in pattern. These unique characteristics make each pair of zebrawood sunglasses unique in their appearance.
  • Black Walnut – The colour can range from light brown to a dark chocolate colour. Grain burl patterns are present and are unique in appearance. Native to the Eastern United States.
  • Oak – Native to Europe and North Africa. Oak is light brown in colour and display varying amounts of darker fleck spots throughout the timber. Oak is treasured by woodworkers around the world for being a solid timber for furniture projects.
  • Ebony – Ebony refers to hardwood species that has been stained to appear dark in colour. Selected for it durability hardwood makes a fantastic material for sunglasses.